Our Children in Church

Dear all in Christ,

It has been noticed that there is a significant increase in children’s noise during services. The church is the house of God, and is a place for love, reverence and holiness. It is important that children learn to worship at a young age, that they are in the presence of God’s glory with reverence, prayers, and praises. In order to maintain this spiritual environment, parents must actively take part in guiding and helping their children’s behaviour. Please kindly observe the following guidelines:

Please DO NOT: 

  • Do Not Allow your children to play with phones or tablets in Church.
  • Do Not Allow your children to run up & down the church aisles or in the upper Mezzanine.
  • Do Not Leave your children to play in the Basement, Mezzanine or outside during services.
  • Do Not Allow your children to scream, yell or throw toys in the Baptistery/Crying room.
  • Do Not Leave your children unattended at church – a parent should always be present.

We ENCOURAGE you to: 

  • Remind your children that they are in the House of God, and of their proper behaviour.
  • Keep your children standing next to you to set a good example – NOT next to a friend to chat.
  • Help your children to follow the service on the screens, or use a children’s Picture Liturgy Book.
  • Bring quiet plush toys for young children to hold during services.
  • Bring colouring books for children to colour quietly when they need a break.
  • Take children out of the church when they need a change of setting but then bring them back.
  • Fathers, serve as deacons with your children – this is a great example & blessing.

Through patience & good examples of their parents, children will see the importance of worship & delight in being present in the house of God.