Communion-Only Registration

For those who have not had an opportunity to partake of Holy Communion within the last 4-6 weeks, there are “Communion-Only” registration spots that you can register for.

You would wait within your car in the Church Parking lot near the end of the Liturgy, and follow the instructions below in order to have a safe, respectful and organized experience.

Important Instructions:

  • Watch the Liturgy service remotely (at home)
  • Travel to Church and arrive within 30 minutes of the end of Liturgy
    (you must have a Communion-Only registration in order to come)
  • Park your car on the North side (far side) of the Church Parking Lot
  • Remain in your vehicle, staying parked at least 2m away from other cars
  • Pray the Prayer Before Communion (in Coptic Reader under Agpeya)
  • Watch the end of the Liturgy on your mobile if possible (within your car)
  • Wait until the end of the service (when Father sprays water), or until the North side door of the church (near the elevator) is opened

Carefully follow the following steps when it is time to enter:

  • Enter by the North side door (near the elevator), family by family
  • Stay safe, keeping masks on, staying 2m away from other families
  • Proceed through the side door, up the stairs (or elevator)
  • Turn right, and walk around the perimeter of the Church
  • Pause at the back of the Church to remove your shoes
  • Proceed down the middle isle to receive Holy Communion
  • Turn right and proceed to the back to retrieve your shoes
  • Exit at the back of the Church and return to your vehicle to depart
  • Pray the Prayer After Communion, and drink water within your car

If you have not had an opportunity to confess, be sure to do so by contacting one of the Fathers by phone in advance, before coming to receive Communion.

If multiple family members are coming to receive Communion, each member must be registered.

If you register for a Communion-Only service, but are unable to attend, please cancel your registration immediately.