S.M.O.C.S Saint Mary Orthodox Church Scout

"Let Your Light so Shine Before Men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." (Matt 5:16)


What does S.M.O.C.S stand for?

Saint Mary orthodox church scout

Why Join the S.M.O.C.S at St. Mary ?

(1) Experience GOD in every aspect of their life

(2) Benefits from their time wisely

(3) Make more friends

(4) Teach them independance (by learning how to build knots, tents, how to cook, how to share and how to love)

The purpose:

The purpose of the S.M.O.C.S programs is to assist girls and boys in character development by encouraging them to be active in their church, and responsible citizens of their country.


The Religion in Life program is in four progressive stages, colourcoded and adapted to the age groups concerned.

Stage 1 - Yellow Border (ages 7-8-9)

Stage 2 - Green Border (ages 10-11-12)

Stage 3 - Blue Border (ages 13-14-15)

Stage 4 - Red Border (ages 15+)

Stage 5 - Purple Border (Adults)

Candidates may start at any stage appropriate to their age and capabilities. Only one emblem - the latest stage earned - is worn.

Contact Us:

Peter Guirgis: peterb_90@hotmail.com

Mina Boules: mrulz@hotmail.com